Architect/Leading architect of public interiors
• Higher education (architectural/industrial and civil engineering);
• Experience in designing public interiors, including:
- development of design documentation for premises of various functional purposes (mainly communal areas) of architectural sections: the stage "Working documentation";
- knowledge of the regulatory framework and requirements for the design of project and working documentation;
- interaction with the customer's representatives, participation in working meetings;
- interaction with related departments during the design process;
- participation in the coordination process of the design of principal technical decisions made by subcontracting organizations;
- development of units, elaboration of technical requirements for products of individual manufacture;
• Knowledge of Autoсad, Revit, Excel
If you have:
Designer/Visualizer of public and private interiors
• Higher architecture/art education;
• Inspiration from our works and the desire to create with us
• The need to constantly grow professionally by creating the best solutions for public interiors, to participate in the creation of designs that will inspire
• Understanding of materials and textures, thoroughfull displaying of design ideas and the general atmosphere of the interior, knowledge of modern trends in design and the desire to participate in its creation
• Interior design experience, including:
- development of a project outline;
- making presentations of projects and presenting them, explaining and defending all the decisions;
- knowledge of finishing materials manufacturers ;
• Knowledge of 3DS MAX + Corona Render, Photoshop;
• Confidence in your taste and style, constant search for new and non-trivial solutions that correspond to current design trends;
If you have:
• You are able to organize your own and team work;
• You prefer to find solutions, not just report problems;
• You are able to work in multitasking mode, to prioritize your tasks and complete current challenges quickly, and also to lead parallel projects;
• You are able to see a project in general and can realize connections between different project stages;
• You like to apply non-standard solutions for standard tasks
You’d be perfect for us if:
Designer/Interior Design Manager
• Higher architecture/art education;
• Experience of interior design, including:
- draft vision researching (in the form of collages, sketches, mud boards);
- ability to make ergonomic planning solutions;
- ability to perform a technical task competently and to give tasks to the related specialists (including visualizers)
• Knowledge of AutoCad/Archicad, SketchUp, Indesign, Photoshop;
• Ability of project supervision (author's supervision)
• Experience of community and private projects complex supplying, specifically:
- Interaction with providers, contractors, designer
- Searching and selection of providers, market analyzing
- Making of the technical tasks for providers, working with commercial offers, comparing analysis of the offers, formation specifications for a client
- Budget optimization if necessary, searching for analogues
- Selection of materials, furniture and decoration for the project's tasks
- Samples gathering and preparing for the project's tasks
- Control of adherence deliverance terms and conditions
- Negotiations with providers for the most profitable conditions receiving
- Departures for meeting with provider companies and partners, visiting of object, visiting salons with clients.
If you have:
• You are able to organize your own and team work;
• You prefer to find solutions, not just report problems;
• You can work in multitasking mode, to prioritize your tasks, complete current challenges quickly, to lead some parallel projects;
• You are able to see a project in general, you can realize connections between different project stages;
• You like to improve unconventional solutions for unconventional tasks;
You’d be perfect for us if:
Architect – project manager:
• Vision of complete project, understanding of final result and propositions for this result`s achievement;
• Higher special education and work experience from 3 years (architectural education will be a priority)
• Ability to read work documentation, navigate it, use AutoCad Archicad/Revit: open the drawing, calculate the area, to take the measurements;
• Ability to analyze data, to draw up a contract and to give a task of correcting plans to an architect;
• You`re mobile, active person, well known in the market of contemporary materials in the quick changing reality, you know everything about how to apply and install them, if you know the processes of the repair and construction work and everything is under your control;
• You have perfect organization abilities, punctuality, negotiation skills and stress resistance, you are ready to take responsibility, and also you are the person with high level of self-motivation and autonomy;
• You can be immersed in several projects at the same time, know about these projects timing, control their execution, know responsible persons from every side, and also necessary and routine tasks for every moment.
If you have:
• To take part in projects (documents preparation, conclusion of the agreements);
• To form a team, project`s schedule and budget, to give the tasks to workers and contractors, control their realization;
• To prepare presentation and reporting materials for the customers (in the team);
• To involve subcontractors to the project if necessary, to control their work;
• To structure and archive project`s information and documents;
• To initiate and supervise project approval
• To work with documents (billing, paperwork, transfer to staff, maintaining and reminding, making contractors repayment schedules);
• Work with СРМ or BIM-system (loading, uploading data, searching for information);
• Accounting and analysis of mutual settlements with counterparts, control of contractual obligations.
• Work with mails (monitoring of the implementation of the tasks);
• Organization of meetings and negotiations on current projects, taking parts in conferences, maintaining the agenda of the meeting by the bureau;
What are you going to do: